What Is Roadcraft? What Is the NZ Riding Standard?


The Roadcraft system of bike control forms the basis for an advanced ride.

Motorcycle Roadcraft is the definitive guide to better, safer riding incorporating current evidence-based practice, it is recognised as the leading manual in police rider training. Endorsed by the emergency services and civilian driving organisations, Motorcycle Roadcraft is suitable for all members of the public wishing to take their riding skills to a higher level.

It is the basis of motorcycle training included in the Ride Forever courses.

One copy of Roadcraft is supplied when you become a member. A copy of the Riding Standard which relates Roadcraft to NZ road use, is also provided.

The Police Foundation Motorcycle Roadcraft police rider's handbook

Riding Standard

The Riding Standard is supplementary to Roadcraft, written specifically for New Zealand roads. It is designed to concentrate on the particular characteristics of Advanced Riding in New Zealand but is not an alternative to Roadcraft. Associates will need to be aware of the New Zealand Road Code, Roadcraft and the Riding Standard to demonstrate their required Advanced Motorcycle knowledge and skills.

The Riding Standard will be used by the Observers as a coaching aid and a source of reference during the period of coaching to Advanced Test Standard.