About Us

At IAM RoadSmart New Zealand (The Institute of Advanced Motorists) we make better drivers and riders. As New Zealand’s largest independent road safety charity, we’ve spent decades making our roads safer by improving driver and rider skills through our mentoring system.

We mentor riders and drivers through to an Advanced level of Roadcraft using the proven systems of the IAM RoadSmart, UK. An approach that leads to higher skill levels and greater enjoyment of riding and driving.

The Roadcraft system was developed by the British Police for their riders and they continue to be a standard to look up to. It is now used throughout the world at various levels. Some changes have been made for New Zealand to reflect our conditions and the Road Code.

In New Zealand, it forms the basis of the popular ACC Ride Forever programme for motorcyclists and, in advanced form for our IAM Roadcraft mentoring programme for both car drivers and motorcyclists. You receive one on one mentoring with our fully trained and experienced observers.

Roadcraft is a way of riding/driving where we approach all situations, and negotiate all hazards, in a methodical and flexible way using a system that leaves little to luck or chance; therefore it will be safer.

As a registered charity we run annual AGM’s and have an elected committee. Everyone at IAM RoadSmart NZ are volunteers.

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