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Update July 2023: Following member feedback and enquiries (and since some of the interviews were recorded). IAM RoadSmart NZ is pleased to announce that from July 2023 we now welcome members, subject to a competency assessment, who have their restricted licence in the category wanted. This means we can assist younger and/or less experienced riders and drivers to be better and safer on our roads.

Personally speaking, I believe most motorcycle riders would have welcomed the insight we can now provide at the earlier stages of riding. However, please note, we are not a training environment for those in need of professional training, but rather a mentor to assist in the development of achieving higher standards and hazard awareness.

I am very grateful to all our volunteers, without whom this would simply not be possible, thank you.

Colin Gates
(from April 2023)

Paul Nees, Coast Access Radio 104.7FM – Interviews:

Morgan Proctor – Full Motorcycle Member
Paul Kane – Senior Motorcycle Observer
Luken van Gorkum – A young driver and now a Full Car Member (great news)
Martin Rushton – Full Motorcycle Member
Peter Hookham – IAMRS Motorcycle Examiner
Wendy Betteridge – Chief Car Observer until July 2023

Stephen Tanner, Fresh FM Radio – Interviews:

Derek Harding Part 1 – Motorcycle & Car Examiner and Car Observer
Derek Harding Part 2 – Motorcycle & Car Examiner and Car Observer

And in print…

IAM RoadSmart NZ in Bike Rider magazine

Paul Lance, Editor & Publisher of Bike Rider, joined our Auckland region and wrote an article sharing his experience and the value he got from it. It is featured in May/June’s Bike Rider magazine 2023, P. 78-81.

The article, written by Paul Lance, can be read HERE.

They plan to do another article or two, soon.

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