The Wellington group has an active motorcycle and car division and membership enquiries are most welcome. If you’re interested in finding out more, please get in touch.

The local group is run by a volunteer management committee made up of:

We will arrange for an observer to take you out for a no-obligation ride or drive so you can see for yourself and decide if you’d like to join us and begin your journey to becoming a full member.

Wellington news and events are circulated to members through regular newsletters and
IAM RoadSmart Facebook, National and Regional pages.

For further information about IAM RoadSmart Wellington activities, please:

Email: wellington.membership@iamroadsmart.nz

Facebook: Wellington Regional Page.

Meet the Wellington Observer Team:

The Motorcycle Observer Team

  • Barry Brown
  • Chris Souness
  • Colin Gates
  • Kevin Wilde
  • Nick Davies
  • Stu Low (Slow Riding Skills)
  • Trevor Greer

The Car Observer Team will be here soon.