How Do I Join IAM RoadSmart New Zealand?

IAM RoadSmart NZ has two tiers of membership:

Associate: The ‘entry-level’ is available immediately upon joining to anyone who has access to a licensed and warranted vehicle and has a full driving licence; and

Full: Open to drivers, with a full New Zealand Driver’s Licence in the appropriate class, and who have passed the IAM RoadSmart Advanced Test.

Some full members choose to volunteer their time to qualify as Observers or Examiners and join the team dedicated to promoting safer riding/driving in New Zealand.

If you decide that driving/riding to a higher standard available is for you, a summary of the journey to achieve the Advanced Test is as follows:

  • You complete the online application form (no payment is necessary at this stage)
  • We will contact you to arrange a free Initial Assessment with an Observer who will discuss IAM RoadSmart’s processes and goals and come out with you to see how you drive.
  • The Observer will give you a written report outlining your strengths and areas for improvement.
  • If you decide to go ahead, you will need to pay a fee including the full membership and test fee.
  • At this point, we will provide you with a copy of Roadcraft (the Police Drivers Manual) and a copy of The NZ Standard for Car Drivers.
  • We will assign one or more Observers to mentor you to the required test standard. Depending on your current standard, this will likely be a series of observed drives. Between these outings, you will be encouraged to work on your skills and participate in locally organised social events.
  • When your Observer considers that you are at test standard, you will undertake a theory test of 10 questions each on the Road Code and Roadcraft. An independent Observer will then take you for a cross-check drive and, if successful, arrange for an Examiner to conduct the Advanced Test.
  • An Examiner will conduct the Advanced Test to qualify you for full membership of IAM RoadSmart.
  • Once you pass The Advanced Test you will be awarded full membership status at no extra charge for the remainder of your financial year.
  • You can now continue with your full membership and enjoy the benefits of belonging to IAM RoadSmart New Zealand. Some full members choose to contribute to the ongoing growth of IAM RoadSmart NZ by starting on the journey to becoming an Observer and assisting others in raising their skills.

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