What Skills Will I Learn?

We have an abundance of skilled and experienced drivers waiting to coach and mentor you through to the time when you will be ready to take The Advanced Test.

The Police and Roadcraft System of Car Control forms the basis for the standards applied by an advanced driver.

The content of both Roadcraft and the Driving Standard is very broad and, as a guideline, your drive should be based on all aspects of Advanced Driving.

Advanced drivers use a way of driving called ‘The System’ which is derived from the Police ‘Roadcraft’ System of Car Control. This is a way of driving that allows the driver to approach all situations and negotiate all hazards methodically and flexibly leaving nothing to luck or chance; therefore it will be safer.

‘The System’ is referred to by the acronym IPSGA which refers to Information, Position, Speed, Gear and Acceleration. Continually assessing information runs through every phase of the system. You will learn all about this when you receive your copy of Roadcraft.

The content of both Roadcraft and the Driving Standard booklet is very broad and, within the System, our Observers will be mentoring you as you drive with safety, system, smoothness, progress and restraint.