What Do I Require As A Motorcyclist To Begin?

To start your Advanced Motorcycle journey with IAM Roadsmart NZ you need to have a minimum of a Restricted New Zealand motorcycle licence. Ideally but not essentially, you will have completed one or more of the ‘Ride Forever” Motorcycle Training Courses (sponsored by ACC in New Zealand) or other recognised Motorcycle Training programs.

IAM RoadSmart Advanced Riding is often considered to be the next step, following the completion of the Ride Forever ‘Gold’ course.

What will I get out of it and What’s in it for me?

On successfully passing the IAM RoadSmart Advanced Motorcycle Test, you become a full member of an organisation dedicated to enjoying motorcycling by riding to a standard that ensures the safe negotiation of traffic and hazards associated with modern-day riding.

You will have gained the skills to deal with almost every situation that occurs and demonstrate advanced techniques to keep you safe, leading to a much more confident, relaxed and enjoyable riding experience.

As long as you continue to practice those skills and employ them at every opportunity, your riding pleasure will substantially increase. You will be awarded an IAM RoadSmart Certificate that confirms you met and demonstrated the standard required to ride to an Advanced Standard.

After a Successful Test

Many of our members go on to become Observers, thereby ‘paying forward’ by helping others to achieve their advanced status.

Being an Observer is not compulsory, and neither is it right for everyone but as all Observers will testify, your motorcycling attains an even higher level of skill and satisfaction when you are called upon to mentor others!

Many people just remain active members of IAM, joining in and organising social rides and building on the social aspects of riding with like-minded and capable riders.

Some riders will join our Advanced Car Division to further improve their road safety. Having learnt one discipline, you are a long way towards the required standard of the other. Each has its nuances and there is a Roadcraft book for Cars and one for Motorcycles.

There is little doubt that being a full member of IAM RoadSmart improves your skill and just as importantly, the enjoyment of riding a motorcycle. There is no better reward or peace of mind for those around you than knowing you have chosen to increase your standard and safety on the road.

Motorcycling is there to be enjoyed and IAM RoadSmart NZ will have improved and will continue to improve motorcycling pleasure for its members.